Learn About Escrow
Choosing an escrow company should be a simple decision,  but that often is not the case.  You want  to feel comfortable about who you do your  business with.  So invest a little time and effort to learn about your type of escrow; escrow holders; your relationship with the escrow officer and the role they play in your transaction.  A successful choice comes only with your knowledge; experience and trust in your escrow agent.

What is Escrow?
The general public often asks this question. Escrows can be baffling and intimidating to many people. If escrows are new to you click to read more >

Escrow Officers and their duties.
Read about escrow officers, and how they can help you and what duties they perform on your behalf... click here >

Independant Licensed Escrow Companies
We are the only true NEUTRAL THIRD PARTY. Read more to see why you should only use an independent escrow agent. click here >

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