Escrow Officers and Their Duties
An escrow officer, at an independent licensed escrow company, is a skilled employee with many years of experience and training.

The duties of an escrow officer include: following the instructions given by the principals in a timely manner, holding and handling the funds and documents according to instructions, paying off the seller’s debt as instructed, responding to requests from the principals, closing the escrow only when all terms and conditions have been met, distributing the funds or other property according to instructions, and providing an accounting, known as the Closing or Settlement Statement. The statement is an accounting in writing of the debits and credits of the accounts of both parties. Keep your closing statement and all other escrow papers in a safe place for income tax purposes. The escrow holder normally retains your file for five years.
The escrow officer is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice. The escrow officer is not a judge or jury and will not determine who is the rightful party in a dispute. At D & G Escrow our escrow officers help our clients and friends. If you need assistance, please ask us. We are glad to serve you.

Ken Carver

We proudly announce the addition of Ken Carver to our staff. Ken previously owned his own escrow company and will be the manager of the Personal Property Department. He has handled over 5000 Bulk Sale, Capital Stock and other Business escrows during his 40 plus years. He has also handled what is believed to be the largest business escrow in California history, a 3.25 billion dollar transaction. He is at the very top level of his profession and is considered the number one Senior Escrow Officer for personal property escrows, anywhere, because of his creativity and knowledge of liquor license transactions.

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